KnightHawk Energy Technology

KnightHawk-ETEC is commercializing a new chemical process technology to convert a wide variety of hydrocarbons to clean syngas, essentially comprised of CO and H2. The technology is potentially disruptive, as it is configured to produce syngas at significantly lower CAPEX and OPEX than other competing conventional processes including steam methane reforming (SMR), autothermal reforming (ATR), gasification (POX), and others.

The KnightHawk-ETEC Hydrogen Torch Reformer (HTR) is unique, GREEN TECHNOLOGY, in that it is non-catalytic, easily configured for small-scale shop fabricated modules and containerized facilities, and with design attributes that can accommodate virtually any carbon containing feedstock, including waste streams. The process has several patents pending, and is supported by the KnightHawk-ETEC management team, comprised of senior technologists and commercial executives with diverse experience, and associated with over 35 patents in the energy sector.

KnightHawk-ETEC is a wholly owned subsidiary of KnightHawk Engineering, Inc., based in Clear Lake, Texas, USA. KnightHawk-ETEC offers a packaged HTR process system, along with technical support services, aimed at commercial applications, and meeting the following criteria:

  • Safe
  • Reliable
  • Sustainable
  • Clean & Green
  • Favorable Economics
  • Scalable Applications